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<-<- Anti-oxidant Category ->->
Capsule Packing Available
Packing in:- Blister & Alu-Alu Pack (NEW)In Form:- Hard Gelatin
↓ (Formulation Matter from Top to Bottom)Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Formulation as per Brand Name:-AZOXYL
ROMAPLEXGenric Line:-
Genric Line:-Anti-oxidant + Sperulina + Vitamins + Minerals
Anti-oxidant + Vitamins + MineralsContains:-
Contains:-Sperulina50 mg.
Zinc41.18 mg.Vitamin A5000 i.u.
Copper1.5 mg.Vitamin B11 mg.
Manganese3 mg.Vitamin B21 mg.
Sodium Selenate100 mcg.Vitamin B61.34 mg.
Vitamin C50 mg.Vitamin B121 mcg.
Vitamin E 50%25 mg.Vitamin C33.3 mg.
Vitamin A5000 i.u.Vitamin D3270 i.u.
Chromium Chloride200 mcg.Vitamin E10 mg.
Thiamine10 mg.Calcium Panthothinate1 mg.
Riboflavin32 mg.Niacinamide8 mg.
Pyridoxine3 mg.Di-Calcium Phosphate350 mg.
Vitamin B1215 mcg.Ferrous Fumarate5 mg.
Folic Acid1 mg.Copper0.01 mg.
Calcium D-Panothenate12.5 mg.Magnesium1 mg.
Excipinetsq.s.Manganese1 mg.
Potassium1 mg.
Zinc0.15 mg.
Selenium70 mcg.
<-<- Anti-oxidant Category ->->
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Genric Line:-Genric Line:-
Anti-oxidant + Beta Carotene + Vit. + Min.Anti-oxidant (NEW REVITAL FORMULA)
Beta Carotene (10%)10 mg.Vitamin A2500 i.u.
Vitamin E (50%)10 mg.Vitamin B11 mg.
Vitamin A2500 i.u.Vitamin B21.5 mg.
Thiamine2 mg.Vitamin B310 mg.
Riboflavine3 mg.Vitamin B55 mg.
Pyridoxine1.5 mg.Vitamin B61 mg.
Cynocobalamin1 mcg.Vitamin B121 mcg.
Folic Acid0.3 mg.Vitamin C50 mg.
Ferrous Fumarate90 mg.Vitamin D3200 i.u.
Vitamin D3200 i.u.Vitamin E5 mg.
Zinc20 mg.Folic Acid0.15 mg.
Copper0.5 mg.Calcium75 mg.
Manganese0.5 mg.Phosphorus58 mg.
Potassium Sulphate2 mg.Ferrous Fumarate30 mg.
Potassium Iodine0.1 mg.Zinc10 mg.
Di-calcium Phosphate20 mg.Magnesium3 mg.
Excipientsq.s.Potassium2 mg.
Manganese0.5 mg.
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Copper0.5 mg.
ALPHOSIodine0.1 mg.
Genric Line:-Ginseng42.5 mg,
Anti-oxidant + Lacitic Acid Bacillius + Vit. + Min.Excipientsq.s.
Vitamin A5000 i.u.<-<- Glucosamine Category ->->
Thiamine10 mg.Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Riboflavine3 mg.CARTEC-M®
Niacinamide50 mg.Genric Line:-
Calcium D-Pantothenate12.5 mg.Glucosamine + Vitamins + Minerals
Pyridoxine3 mg.Contains:-
Vitamin B1215 mcg.Glucosamine500 mg.
Vitamin C50 mg.Vitamin C5 mg.
Vitamin E 50%25 mg.Vitamin E2 mg.
Folic Acid1 mg.Manganese5 mg.
Chromium200 cg.Excipientsq.s.
Copper1.5 mg.
Manganese3 mg.
Sodium Selenate100 mcg.
Zinc41.18 mg.
Lactic Acid Bacillius10 mg.
<-<- Iron Category ->-><-<- Calcium Category ->->
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Formulation as per Brand Name:-
MELOFER™ (in Pellets Form)CALCAVE
Genric Line:-Genric Line:-
Iron + Vitamins + MineralsCalcium + Vitamin
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Contains:-
FERCI-Z (in Pellets Form)Calcium Carbonate500 mg.
Genric Line:-Vitamin D3200 i.u.
Iron + Vitamins + MineralsExcipientsq.s.
Contains:-Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Carbonyl Iron100 mg.CALCAVE-CT
Vitamin B1215 mcg.Genric Line:-
Folic Acid1.5 mg.Calcium + Calcitriol + Mineral
Vitamin C50 mg.Contains:-
Zinc61.8 mg.Calcium Carbonate0.25 mcg.
Excipientsq.s.Calcitriol200 mg.
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Zinc7.5 mg.
Genric Line:-Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Iron + Vitamins + MineralsNICKCAL-CTM
Contains:-Genric Line:-
Carbonyl Iron100 mg.Calcium + Calcitriol + Mecobalamin + Vit.
Vitamin B1215 mcg.Contains:-
Folic Acid1.5 mg.Calcitriol0.25 mcg.
Zinc61.8 mg.Calcium Carbonate500 mg.
Excipientsq.s.Mecobalamin1500 mcg.
Vitamin B63 mg.
Folic Acid1.5 mg.
<-<- B-Complex Category ->->
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Genric Line:-Genric Line:-
B-Complex + Vitamins + MineralsB-Complex + Lactic Acid Bacillius + Vit. + Min.
Vitamin B110 mg.Lactic Acid Bacillus60 million spores.
Vitamin B210 mg.Thiamine10 mg.
Vitamin B63 mg.Riboflavin10 mg.
Vitamin B125 mcg.Niacinamide50 mg.
Vitamin C50 mg.Pyridoxine3 mg.
Niacinamide50 mg.Calcium D-Pantothenate12.5 mg.
Calcium D-Pantothenate12.5 mg.Cynocobalamin15 mcg.
Folic Acid500 mcg.Zinc40 mg.
Sodium Selenate12.5 mcg.Folic Acid1 mg.
<-<- SILYMARIN Category ->->
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Genric Line:-Genric Line:-
B-Complex + Silymarin + Vit. + Min.B-Complex + Silymarin + Vit. + Min.
Silymarin70 mg.Silymarin70 mg.
L-ornithine L-Aspartate150 mg.Vitamin B15 mg.
Vitamin B15 mg.Vitamin B61.5 mg.
Vitamin B61.5 mg.Vitamin B125 mcg.
Vitamin B125 mcg.Calcium Panthothinate7.5 mg.
Calcium Panthothinate7.5 mg.Excipientsq.s.
<-<- Mecobalamin Category ->->
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Genric Line:-Genric Line:-
.Mecobalamin + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Vit. +  Min..Mecobalamin + Alpha Lipoic Acid + Vit. +  Min.
Mecobalamin1500 mcg.Mecobalamin500 mcg.
Alpha Lipoic Acid100 mg.Alpha Lipoic Acid50 mg.
Folic Acid1.5 mg.Vitamin B11.5 mg.
Pyridoxine3 mg.Vitamin B21.5 mg.
Excipientsq.s.Pyridoxine3 mg.
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Folic Acid1.5 mg.
Genric Line:-Formulation as per Brand Name:-
.Mecobalamin + Alpha Lipoic Acid +  SperulinaCUNUR
Contains:-Genric Line:-
Mecobalamin500 mcg..Mecobalamin + Alpha Lipoic Acid +  Biotin + Inositol + Vitamins + Minerals
Alpha Lipoic Acid50 mg.
Sperulina50 mg.Contains:-
Excipientsq.s.Alpha Lipoic Acid100 mg.
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Mecobalamin1500 mcg.
NEUROCURE™-ODFolic Acid1.5 mg.
Genric Line:-Chromium60 mcg.
.Mecobalamin + Alpha Lipoic Acid +  Biotin +  Vit.Vitamin B63 mg.
Contains:-Selenium60 mcg.
Mecobalamin1500 mcg.Vitamin B110 mg.
Alpha Lipoic Acid100 mg.Biotin100 mcg.
Vitamin B110 mg.Inositol2 mg.
Vitamin B63 mg.Zinc15 mg.
Folic Acid1.5 mg.Excipientsq.s.
Biotin100 mcg.
<-<- Lycopene Category ->->
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Genric Line:-Genric Line:-
Anti-oxidant + Lycopene + Vitamins + MineralsLycopene + Alpha-Tocopherol + Vitamins + Minerals
Lycopene 10%6000 mcg.Contains:-
Vitamin A5000 i.u.Lycopene (100%)2 mg.
Vitamin B11.5 mg.Vitamin A2500 i.u.
Vitamin B21.5 mg.Alpha-Tocopherol10 i.u.
Vitamin B61 mg.Vitamin C50 mg.
Vitamin B125 mcg.Zinc27.45 mg.
Vitamin E 50%10 mg.Selenium70 mcg.
Vitamin C50 mg.Excipientsq.s.
Zinc27.45 mg.Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Selenium70 mcg.NEOLYP-XT
Chromium65 mcg.Genric Line:-
Copper2.5 mg.Lycopene + Vitamins + Minerals
Manganese1.4 mg.Contains:-
Niacinamide25 mg.Lycopene (10%)6000 mcg.
Folic Acid1.5 mg.Vitamin A2500 i.u.
Excipientsq.s.Vitamin B11.5 mg.
Vitamin B21.5 mg.
Vitamin B61 mg.
Formulation as per Brand Name:-Vitamin B125 mcg.
Ecome-LYVitamin E 50%10 mg.
Genric Line:-Vitamin C50 mg.
Lycopene + Mecobalamin +  Lutein + Black Grape Seed Extract + BetacaroteneZinc27.45 mg.
Selenium70 mcg.
Contains:-Chromium65 mcg.
Lycopene (6%)8000 mcg.Contains:-2.5 mg.
Mecobalamin500 mcg.Manganese1.4 mg.
Lutein4 mg.Niacinamide25 mg.
Black Grape Seed Extract25 mg.Folic Acid1.5 mg.
Beta Carotene (30%) Disp.5 mg.Excipientsq.s.
Genric Line:-
Lycopene + Vitamins + Minerals
Lycopene (6%)5000 mcg.
Vitamin A2500 i.u.
Vitamin E10 i.u.
Vitamin C50 mg.
Zinc27.45 mg.
Sodium Selenate70 mg.
<-<- New Category ->->
Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Genric Line:-Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Anti-oxidant + PABA + Boron + Vit. + Min.HPIOTIC
Contains:-Genric Line:-
Vitamin A2500 i.u.Probiotics & Prebiotic
Vitamin D3100 i.u.Contains:-
Vitamin E30 mg.Probiotics
Vitamin B110 mg.Lactobacillius acidophillus0.48 billion
Vitamin B25 mg.Lactobacillius rhamnosus0.48 billion
Vitamin B640 mg.Bifidobacterium longum0.48 billion
Vitamin B129 mcg.Bifidobacterium bifidum0.48 billion
Vitamin C45 mg.Saccharomyces boulardil0.1 billion
Folic Acid400 mcg.Prebiotic
Niacinamide20 mg.Fructo Oligo Saccharide100 mg
Calcium Panthothinate30 mg.Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Biotin30 mcg.INSTA Q 10
PABA (Para Amino Benzoic Acid)30 mg.Genric Line:-
Iron12 mg.Co En Q10,ALA,Omega 3 Fatty Acid Capsule
Zinc15 mg.Contains:-
Copper1 mg.Probiotics
Manganese2 mg.Co enzyme Q10100 mg
Magnesium100 mg.Omega 3 Fatty Acid100 mg
Iodine225 mcg.Arginine100 mg
chromium50 mcg.Selenium100 mcg
Selenium100 mcg.Lycopene 10%5000 mcg
Boron2 mg.Alpha Liopic Acid100 mg
Excipientsq.s.Formulation as per Brand Name:-
Genric Line:-
Ginkgobiloba40 mg.

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